The Monastery


Steinfeld Monastery is completely preserved until today, more than any other of the thousand year old monasteries in Germany. Its beginnings with the building of the first church date back to the year 920

The plaque in the cloister recalls Father Pancratius Pfeiffer, who has brought the Salvatorians to Steinfeld.

Father Pancratius Pfeiffer is considered the savior of Rome. His courageous intervention against the already adopted destruction of the Holy City by the rulers of the “Third Reich” was successful. In the monasteries of Rome he saved, at the risk of his life, more than a hundred women, men and children from execution, deportation and death in the extermination camps.

It is the amazing diversity, you will encounter in Steinfeld. The monastery buildings, living and working place of the Order of the Salvatorians. The cloister with fragments of the famous stain glassed  windows of Steinfeld. The basilica with numerous works of art and the world famous “König-Organ”.