The Order of the Norbertines


Wappen des Ordens der Prämonstratenser Chorherren

The Augustinian canons who were living in Steinfeld adopted the rule of the Order of the Premonstratensian canons (Norbertines) around 1138. The Order was founded in Prémontré, France by St. Norbert of Xanten, the later Archbishop of Magdeburg in 1121. The new order spread throughout Europe and later also throughout America, Africa, India and Australia soon after the foundation

The focus of the Norbertines is on community and pastoral work, especially parish ministry. This the Canons of Steinfeld carried out through the centuries especially in the vast region around Steinfeld.

The Order had more than 600 independent monasteries during its heyday. After the almost complete destruction through the Reformation, secularisation and communism, the Order could increase again in recent times.

The Norbertines were continuously in Steinfeld until the closing down of the monastery during the secularisation of 1802. The last abbot Gilbert Surges then became the first parish priest of Steinfeld.

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