The monastery shop at the main portal

Our small-sized, decent monastery shop is located on the main entrance of the monastery. From here you can take home a reminder of the cordiality and atmosphere of our monastery to take home and make a wonderful and special, personal present for yourself and your loved ones.

Books, CDs, candles, jewelry, accessories, ceramics, glass and memorabilia, the classic assortment of a monastery shop is complemented by a wide range of products that are exclusively made for our monastery shop. For example candles for which you can specify size, scope, design and / or text. Among memorabilia, the “Steinfeld stone cross” is a special highlight. The design of the jeweled, stand and wall crosses are limited original editions adapted from the cross in the labyrinth of the monastery garden.

The Steinfeld Monastery delicacies offer beside the very special honey that comes from bees in our monastery garden, jams and fruit spreads only from fruits of the region. Sausage, ham and cheese come only from suppliers with species-appropriate husbandry. Some delicacies are flavored with ingredients from the convent-garden, for example subtle mustard, spicy and mild cheese. The venison from our specialties are produced, comes from an Eifel hunting district in which there is only shot from a raised hide (no stress from witch hunt or keeping in captivity). From time of culling to finishing and to the final product by an EU-certified butcher's shop, a complete quality control is done by the district owner.

The Steinfeld Monastery Beer - a dark, bottom-fermented, unfiltered quality beer, with a strong flavor, brewed from the finest ingredients of the Eifel. The barley comes from the region and is processed locally to malt. Together with the excellent water of the Eifel and strictly according to the German purity law of 1516 this very drinkable beer is created in the Gemünd Brewery, according to a modified recipe with which the earlier monks in Steinfeld manufactured their barley drink. For the Steinfeld Monastery Fruit Brandy, the Steinfeld Monastery Blackthorn, and the Steinfeld Herb Liqueur, the fruits and herbs are handpicked at their optimal maturity, thoroughly and carefully cleaned, and processed according to their final use.

The Monastery Store is connected to the Klostercafé.

Monday through Friday 12.00 pm to 6.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday 11.00 am to 6.00 pm