Cloister Stained Glass Windows

Around 1500 the Romanesque cloister at the northern flank of the basilica was re-designed. It was a time of architectural transition and therefore this new cloister shows elements of Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance. At the same time it was increased by an additional floor

As the architectural alterations were hardly completed, the windows were fitted with colored panes. The result was a series of paintings that represented the history of salvation, from the fall of the angels and the creation of man and about life death of the Lord until the resurrection. The works of great Christian artists served as motives. It has created a great work of art. which unfortunately came to England at the time of the Norbertines and is still preserved in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to a great extent. Only a base panel showing the apostle Simon and a smaller fragment returned to Steinfeld.

In 1999, students of the boarding school at the monastery of Steinfeld have taken part in an "Internet Web Competition" of the Kölnische Rundschau and developed a project on the creation and rediscovery of the stained glass windows of the cloister in Steinfeld.

This project can be viewed more detailed in the following pages: